Master Peter V M Chin, 9th Dan


A former student of Grand Master Lee, founder of Region One and instrumental in establishing the spread of Tang Soo Do in the UK, is Master Peter V M Chin, Secretary General of the UK Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan) Federation.

The birth of Region One dates back to 9th October 1976 when Master P V M Chin arrived in the United Kingdom to study Law. On Arrival in the UK his only connection with Tang Soo Do in this country was the then Master Lee's telephone number. He was encouraged and supported by Grand Master Kang Uk Lee to start classes int he Nottinghamshire area.

The first lesson started at North Nottinghamshire College of Further Education in Worksop for students of the college. It soon spread to the leisure centres of the surrounding towns and villages of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Master Chin is responsible for introducing Tang Soo Do to the north of England.

Master Chin recalled that one of the gyms was on the top floor of a public house in the Worksop town centre and another one was in a pub itself in Derbyshire. Chairs and tables had to be moved aside and replaced just before the pub was due to open to the public. Sadly in October 1978 Master Chin had to move to the south to continue his legal studies inLondon. Until a suitable instructor was found, the UKTSDF had to despatch a black belt from the Watford TSD Club to conduct the lessons on a weekly basis in the north.

Master Chin later settled down in Bedfordshire and started classes in the North Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire area. The new classes started in the midst of a very cold winter with lots of snow and subsequently the attendance suffered, hardly any students turned up for lessons for a couple of months. Eventually it built up and today the region has grown from strength to strength.

He was so impressed with the development of Tang Soo Do in Region One that he decided to stay in the United Kingdom permanently after graduating with a Law degree. Region One, under the leadership of Master Chin and his team of loyal Master Instructors and black belts, have spread Tang Soo Do not only in Bedfordshire but to North Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Essex, Northamptonshire and as far afield as Scotland.

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