Grading Information

Gradings are an integral part of Tang Soo Do. They display to the Chief Instructor your progress in learning not just the techniques, but also your understanding of the Korean terminology, and the philosophy of Tang Soo Do. Your instructor will submit your name to the federation, upon successful application you will be invited to grade. In doing so he will have ensured that you are ready for grading technically, physically and mentally. Each grading examination shall consist of at least two sections (higher grade students will also demonstrate breaking techniques):

  1. General Knowledge about Tang Soo Do
  2. Demonstration of Ability

Candidates must achieve a minimum standards in both these sections in order to succeed. Pass marks are as follows: Dan grading: 70%.

Unsuccessful candidates will be notified immediately and the reasons for their failure clearly explained. This will allow the candidates to target any weak areas of training and make any necessary improvements before re-grading. Candidates who fail a grading examination will be advised to delay a further re-grading examination until deficiencies in their performance have been remedied.


As recognised by Sport England.

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