Promotional Requirements for 10th to 9th Gup (White Belt with Yellow Tag):

Candidates’ Basic Requirements

In order to qualify for a grading the candidate must be :

  1. A student of an officially recognised ITSDF Instructor.
  2. A registered member of an ITSDF recognised National Body.
  3. Approved by his/her ITSDF Instructor as a suitable candidate.
  4. At least six years old on the day of the examination. To qualify for grading candidates must have attended class at an officially recognised ITSDF club for a period of not less than twenty one-hour sessions prior to the grading.
  5. Properly turned out in a clean and tidy uniform (Do Balk) of a type approved by the ITSDF. Familiar with the rules of etiquette and discipline that are inherent in the practice of Tang Soo Do, the Korean terminology used to describe the techniques performed for the examination in question and any previous examinations.
  1. Why he/she is practising basic techniques in one way rather than another. This will include such general enquiries as the purpose of the shout (Ki Hap), eye focus and correct completion of technique.
  2. The answers to such simple questions as "What is the name of the art that you are studying?", or "What is the name of the federation you are a member of?"

Hand techniques
Low block, High block, Middle punch, High punch

Foot techniques
Front stretch kick

Ready stance, Front stance

FORMS (Hyung)

Kee Cho Hyung Il Bu, Kee Cho Hyung Ee Bu

As recognised by Sport England.

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